One Resource
for Opportunities

Contact IQ organizes all your company’s contacts into a single, searchable
resource that increases company’s active network up to 8X over LinkedIn alone.

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The reality is LinkedIn can represent as little as 10% of your company’s active network.

Although LinkedIn's Sales Navigator is powerful, it can not show those contacts your company has outside of LinkedIn.

Contact IQ pulls together contacts from email, every major social network and personal lists (via CSV) increasing your company’s active network up to 8X.

Find. Easier.

The contacts are searchable by name, location, title, company, education, even hobbies and skills.

Once you find the contacts you need, they can be exported to lists or third party applications like Salesforce and Hubspot.

Update Automatically.

All contacts are updated automatically.

Duplicates are removed, connections through different networks identified and all contact information and work history is kept current.

If a change happens in any connected resource, it is reflected in the Contact IQ profile. No more manual entry.

Grow. Improve.

What does this mean for your bottom line? Your company’s active network can grow by almost 8X over LinkedIn alone.

This means that cold contacts become warm leads. Improving your response rates from 2-5% to 30-50% in many cases.

More contacts and better connections.