Add Value,

Contact IQ automates the organization of all your firm's contacts into one resource
and let’s you securely share those contacts with your portfolio companies.

Connect. See more.

Hand built solutions work for a short while, but need to be frequently updated, often manually.

Contact IQ automatically pulls together contacts from email, every major social network and personal lists (via CSV).

Then, each contact is cleaned up and improved all the duplicates are resolved and connections through different networks linked.


You can invite your partners, execs, advisors, board members, and colleagues to your firm’s Contact IQ.

In quantifiable terms, your active network can grow by approximately 8X over Linkedin alone.

More contacts and better connections, equal more customers and partners for your investments, and LPs for your next fund.


The contacts are searchable by name, location, title, company, education, even hobbies and skills.


Create custom lists of potential customers, business opportunities or key hires.

These lists are private to your firm, but can be shared as easily as a Dropbox file.